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Therapeutic massage in Odessa.

Therapeutic massage of the back, loins, hips or collar zone. Are you worried about monotonous pains in the neck, pains in the lover back, pain in the back or pain in the chest? Do you experience difficulties when you make movements? The course of the therapeutic massage will help you to escape from unpleasant symptoms. Therapeutic massage will return elasticity to your tissue, will remove the functional blocks.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to greet You on my site!


Interest in medicine appeared in my school years. I always watched with curiosity the coach, who could easily adjust the dislocations obtained during training.

Further I did sports a lot. Chose athletics, I successfully moved in this kind of sport. I got into the team of the Olympic reserve of Ukraine for the best coach of the USSR. In 1991 I became Master of Sports of the USSR in the 800 meter race with a personal record of 1 minute 47 seconds. There were heavy loads, serious training and did not do without injuries. Even then, I wondered how to withstand heavy loads and not injure the muscles of the legs.

There were good doctors at the Olympic Reserve School and they quickly restored the athletes. . All of them claimed that the faster the help, the less time it will take to restore health. And it is very important to do foot massage after a heavy workout. This helps to relieve muscle spasm, unlock trigger points and improve the performance of lymph.

This pushed me to a deeper study of the massage. At first I did massage only to myself, then my fellow athletes, whom it really helped. Since that time, I started to take more interest in this, gradually getting into this new topic for myself. As a result, I came to the conclusion that medications are not always good and treatment with hands can be much more effective than medicine.

In 1994, I entered Zaporozhye State Medical University specialty is medical practice. In 2000 I finished my studies and received a diploma. During my studies, I was finally convinced that this choice would give me an opportunity to realize myself.

My practical experience began in the medical center of the Odessa where I worked for six months, then there was a neurological department of the hospital. The main groups of patients are people undergoing rehabilitation after strokes and people with pathology of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, osteochondrosis, sciatica ). Also there were joint diseases, various neuralgia and the consequences of fractures.


Work in the center brought me pleasure because it's nice to see how people who could not come without help left on their own and were very grateful to us. This encouraged me to develop further - I wanted to become a person who treats back with hands, and does not only just crush it.

In this medical center I worked for 7 years, my first clients appeared here, with some of them I work till today.

In 2008, I decided to work independently and went into private practice.